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Friday, March 13, 2009

ECHO - It's Not Just for Kids Anymore

One of our challenges with the video capture kiosk at the aquarium is audience. ECHO, like most science centers or museums, attracts a family audience. I could go even further and say that it attracts a mommy & me audience: moms with kids mainly under 5 years old. Recognizing this, ECHO has made it a priority to reach out to an older demographic. The audience for Voices For the Lake (VFL) is teens & adults.

The challenge is to get the parent/adult visitors to see the VFL kiosk as an interactive experience for them. Most of the videos we get are recorded by kids; say 65%. The other 35% are recorded by teens or adults. I'd like to see this tip a little more towards the 50-50 split.

Here are some questions we are asking ourselves. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

How do we encourage parents/adults to record their story and not just their kids?

How do we get parent & child to record together?
(we had a suggestion of two stools at the kiosk instead of just one)

Will signage help?

(The kiosk sits by itself looking over the Lake. No current signage.)

Should we change the location?
(suggestion to put it on our Emerging Threats workbench which is heavy in adult content)

A couple of examples for you:

This one is typical of a family interaction. The parent is out of the frame of the camera, but is prompting their child on what to say. This clip is different in that the parent visibly joins in the story. We get many "parent whisperer" videos.

This mom actually filmed one with her preschool aged son and then recorded this gem herself.

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