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Friday, February 20, 2009

Travel Writer Disses Lake Champlain

Uh-oh! Bad press on the state of Lake Champlain. And it's created quite the buzz in the papers and online. Check these out:

Candy Page's Blog @ Burlington Free Press She's got the conservation scoop.

Matt Crawford, Outdoor Writer Burlington Free Press For the sport fishing perspective.

Montpelier's Times Argus for the smack-down at the Capital with the Conservation Law Foundation

Vermont Public Radio's Interview with Greenberg

Peter Greenberg's Website with his Vermont controversy thoughts

So here's my question: How do you take bad buzz and turn it into good vibes to inspire stewardship of Lake Champlain?

~Bridget, Voices For the Lake Manager


Guy Mitrano said...

Very nice mention in this post. We too have responded to these sentiments and wonder how much Mr. Greenberg & others know of the positive initiatives and progress being made on Lake Champlain.

Thank you again ECHO, keep up the great posts.

Burlington Boatyard, LLC

Bridget said...

What have you done for your watershed lately? Check out the piece in the Times Argus by the Vermont Natural Resources Council's Executive Director Elizabeth Courtney.